Getting Started: Purpose of the Blog

Hello everyone, sports fans, casual fans and just blog viewers alike, I’d personally like to welcome you to my new project, the Ultimate Fanatics Blog. Obviously you may be asking what this blog is about, what content is going to be posted on this blog, basically, why should I care. I’ll tell you exactly why you should care , but first let me dive in on my background on sports writing.

Spoiler Alert* I do not have a background on sports writing. I am going to write this blog as a fan just like the majority of my viewers. This blog is to give insight and advice on sports today based upon stats an other variables. I will be giving various predictions on this site as well such as my whole bracket for March Madness, which is coming sooner than you would think.

Starting is always difficult, so I figured, why not start this blog out with something you love. That special something, is fantasy baseball. My fist real post after this one is going to be my top 10 catchers for this upcoming season. I will do a top 10 for every position excluding starting pitching which will be a top 20.

I’ll be able to do season previews, award previews, weekly power rankings and much, much more, however I’d need to give out a couple of disclaimers:

  1. Since I am a fan, I may accidentally become biased around my posting, especially with this being baseball season and my being a Cubs fan from my mother and a Rays fan from me growing up in Tampa. Another thing you’ll learn about me, I have a major Tampa bias, it’s the best city in Florida.
  2. I will be doing MLB as the season starts, college basketball, a season review for the Premier League, and getting the blog ready for the World Cup and the NFL season as that follows. I will rarely post information about the NBA and the NHL. I’m not excluding them on purpose, I just know next to nothing about the inner workings about hockey and I think the NBA is a better reality TV Show than a sports league (feel free to challenge me on that)
  3. The information posted here will be 100% backed by stats with opinion from me. Remember this is mainly opinion based as my top 10 catchers or players may not be your top 10, but you are more than welcome to comment yours or to shoot me an email at or even a tweet @ufblogg_lijoi. I’ll answer to as many of you as I possibly can

Thank you and I will release my next post as soon as I can!


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