Top 10 Catchers For the 2018 Season

The catcher position is probably  the most ignored fantasy position and for good reason as well. In the recent years, the catcher is probably the worst hitter in terms of offense, mostly since catchers are viewed for their arm and their effective communication with their pitchers. offense is secondary to catchers, which means there is very little depth in the position. Not only is there not a lot of depth but catchers are usually rotational in their teams, most teams carry two catchers and even some pitchers have specific catchers. However these 10 catchers are ones that you’d like to keep an eye on. Especially if you’re like me and you want to repeat as league champion.

10. Yadier Molina- St. Louis Cardinals

2017: .273/.312/.439 18 HR 82 RBIs 60 R

As much as it pains me to put in a Cardinals player in any ranking, this man right here is always going to be in any sort of ranking. He’s still kicking and he’s still the number 1 catcher for the Cardinals, that alone makes him draft worthy. There is a good chance he will be rested most games since he is nearing his retirement but judging by his statistics he will still be relatively consistent. Also on this list alone, he is ranked second to last in strikeouts from the previous year. His good eyes, good health record, and sheer consistency should earn your selection

9. Welington Castillo- Baltimore Orioles

welington castillo

2017: .282/.323/.490 20 HR 53 RBIs 44 R

Castillo should be as consistent as they come and probably one of the better players on the Orioles lineup. With power hitters like Machado, Jones and the ever improving Johnathan Schoop, Castillo’s runs and RBI numbers should improve in the coming year. He also ranks relatively low in strikeouts and in terms of average he did slightly better than Molina. But the home runs are the real point getters in fantasy and Castillo can surely hit it out of the park like the rest of his squad.

8. Tucker Barnhart- Cincinnati Reds

2017: .270/.347/.403 7 HR 44 RBIs 26 R

Tucker had a down year in terms of the major fantasy categories but his slash line should prove worthy for your squad. This is the guy you find near the bottom of the list, you know, when you realize you forgot to draft a catcher. Tucker makes a good case for improvement as his division, the NL Central, has been weakening quickly and severely in terms of hitting and pitching. If he can hit well vs the Cubs and the Brewers along with the Pirates and the team from Missouri, I see his ceiling rising sharply.

7. Wilson Ramos- Tampa Bay Rays

2017: .260/.290/.447 11 HR 35 RBIs 19 R

This season could be a make or break for Ramos and I’m sure he knows that as well. After a breakout season with the Nationals, he then suffered an ACL injury and got traded to the Rays, where he made a relative impact at the end of the season. He may not get too many runs, given that the Rays lost arguably their best player Evan Longoria along with Souza Jr and Corey Dickerson via trades. Ramos is nearing the end of his prime as well, but I see him returning to form since he is 100% this year. It’s high risk high reward, but a healthy Ramos is a great Ramos.

6. Evan Gattis- Houston Astros


2017: .263/.311/.457 12 HR 55 RBIs 41 R

He has signed a 6.7 million dollar deal with the Houston Astros and he can DH, how are you not at least considering him at this point. His team is packed with RBI machines if Gattis merely gets on base it equals easy points for your squad. Sure he’s competing with Brian McCann for the catcher position but this guy is going to be hard to pass up when he becomes available.

5. J.T Realmuto- Miami Marlins

2017: .278/.332/.451 17 HR 65 RBIs 68 R

Probably the most lonely man on a lonely ship on the way to lonely town, J.T here is the dying hope for any offense that the Marlins plan to have. His teammates getting on base might be the only weakness in his fantasy prowess. But his on base percentage ranked 3rd last year and his average ranked 2nd among active catchers. Realmuto is a great hitter and consistent as well, don’t be afraid to plug him in.

4. Willson Contreras- Chicago Cubs


2017: .276/.356/.499 21 HR 74 RBIs 50 R

One of the many bright young stars on the Cubs squad. Contreras, like the rest of the stars on the list, are auto buys in terms of catcher. As in the fact that if you’ve drafted your ace and a couple key players, you eyes would light up at seeing these last couple players. Your eyes should defiantly light up at Contreras since he’s merely 25 years old and entering his 3rd season. He bats near the bottom of the lineup and should have men on base by the time he’s up on the plate. Expect him to make some noise, at least finishing in the top 5 this year.

3. Salvador Perez- Kansas City Royals

2017: .268/.297/.495 27 HR 80 RBIs 57 R

The former World Series MVP is now entering his prime, that alone makes him a prime selection in fantasy this year. Expect his average and home runs to skyrocket as he will embrace becoming the star of his team, a team that traded away Eric Hosmer and Lorenzo Cain, two cornerstones to their offense. Perez is a consistent gem and a solid selection for your squad this season. Did I also tell you that his division is terrible in terms of pitching (except the Indians of course.) If I was a batter, I’d love to face the Tigers, White Sox and Twins the majority of the year too.

2. Gary Sanchez- New York Yankees

2017: .278/.345/.531 33 HR 90 RBIs 79 R

Make no mistake, this man is a monster in a team full of monsters. He’s on a team that primed to win and win now. Expect his RBI and Run numbers to skyrocket throughout the seasons. There’s only one problem, he along with his teammate Aaron Judge, strike out a ton. Sanchez alone had 120. However if he can maintain, or even improve on his average, expect him to be either the best, or second best catcher this year. All he has to do is stay healthy and he should be a supreme pick for you in your league.

1. Buster Posey- San Francisco Giants

2017: .320/.400/.462 12 HR 67 RBI 30 R


I don’t see why he isn’t the best catcher on any list ever made. Another fantastic professional alumni from Florida State, he has two major chips on his shoulder. Those being Andrew McCutchen and Evan Longoria. Since he’s a damn consistent hitter, there’s no reason why his RBIs and Runs won’t go up with possibly multiple men on base. And it’s an even year, It’s a known good luck charm to draft a Giants player, why not draft the best Giants player?

Now that you’re just slightly more educated on one of the hardest positions to draft, I’m going to do an easier position tomorrow. We’ll cover the top 10 first basemen tomorrow here on the UFB! Follow on Twitter so you’ll never miss a post @ufblogg_lijoi


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