Sports Journies: Visiting Spectrum Field


Here it is. One of the main attractions in the city of Clearwater hides behind a strip center on Old Coachman Rd. This is Spectrum Field, home of the Philadelphia Phillies for the month of March. I highly recommend going to this stadium for a game, then again I got first row seats on section 114 right next to the Phillies dugout. Before you start assuming that I’m rich or anything, I’ll have you know it was only 75$. 75$, just to sit behind the on deck circle is a pretty good deal.

Parking is relatively easy, I parked across the street from a Buffalo Wild Wings and a Floor Home & Decor store. Parking only costs you 10$ and What I ate, the chicken strip basket, costed my 8.25$. When you think about it, that sounds like a bargain compared to other stadiums, not just baseball stadiums.

But the story of the day was partially because I got to experience something I’ve been dying to share with you guys. A front row seat to a live game! I was mere feet away from their newly appointed manager Gabe Kapler:


Pretty sweet huh? It only gets better

The Phillies were starting their best players in this game. I also got a good shot of their young ace Aaron Nola from a short distance while he was warming up in the Pen.


Overall I’m very happy with this experience that I had and I’m especially glad I get to share it all with you guys on the blog. You can say the Phillies might get a little more love when the NL East Preview blog rolls around. As for the Red Sox, the only players worth noting were Andrew Benintendi and Rafael Devers. Both will be prime starters for their squad.

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