Top 10 2B for the 2018 season

Here is possibly your second most athletic person on your team besides the shortstop. Second basemen have to have skill, speed, agility and so much more. Most of these guys in general aren’t huge power threats like the first basemen, but they can pack a punch. You’re looking for a guy with lots of speed and a relatively high batting average and on base percentage. So here is the top 10 second basemen you should look at drafting for this upcoming season

10. D.J LeMahieu- Colorado Rockies

2017: .310/.374/.409 8 HR 64 RBIs 95 R

I believe his average should say enough about your possibilities of drafting D.J. His 7 year career average is a .302 which means last year, when he ranked 3rd among second basemen, was no fluke at all. He is a strong model of consistency who can get every little point that can be scraped up. Overall a really strong buy if you’re looking for a good consistent player.

9. Dee Gordon- Seattle Mariners


2017: .308/.341/.375 2 HR 33 RBIs 114 R

Again not a very big power threat here but he can do everything else extremely well. Dee is usually the lead off man and with a strong offense behind him, he should have no problem racking up easy points for your team. With a high average and plenty of speed to steal bases, Dee is quite simply, a great fantasy player to pick up. You can always count on him getting at least 1 point.

8. Yoan Moncada- Chicago White Sox

2017: .231/.338/.412 8 HR 22 RBIs 31 R

I understand the stats last year are insanely ugly in terms of home runs and batting average. I understand also that Moncada has yet to prove himself. But he was injured last year, he only played 54 games, and with his high on base percentage due to the amount of walks he forces, expect a breakout year. Moncada is also destined to be a star in the making in a team of mainly nobodies. Expect all of his stats to rise and as long as he stays healthy, expect a top 10 year for Moncada.

7. Whit Merrifield- Kansas City Royals

2017: .288/.324/.460 19 HR 78 RBIs 80 R

Honestly I’m not sure if many Royals fans know who this player is, but I’m sure they will as he blossoms into their star player this year. Sure he doesn’t have much competition for that role but I digress. Whit was joined with Altuve as the only two players in the Majors to have 15 homers and 30 stolen bases. Merrifield is a points machine and a breakthrough player from last year, lets see if he can improve on such a year.

6. Chris Taylor- Los Angeles Dodgers

2017: .288/.354/.496 21 HR 72 RBIs 85 R

Possibly one of the unsung fantasy breakout stars of last year, Taylor is more than just a second baseman. Overshadowed by the dominant rookie season of Cody Bellinger, Taylor was more of a very effective sleeper pick. He is very flexible as he can play either position on the field excluding pitcher and catcher. He has a consistent average and usually bats lead off so you can expect a lot of runs scored. Also expect him to steal a lot of bags as speed is his best asset.

5. Jonathan Schoop- Baltimore Orioles

2017: .293/.338/.503 32 HR 105 RBIs 92 R

Holy crap what a year for Schoop. Last year was his breakout year as he has finally burst into the scene and into my coveted top 5. Like I’ve said before, you can’t really go wrong with the final 5 here. You look at these stats and there’s a good chance you’ll agree with me. The main reason, from many reasons as to why Schoop has improved is his patience at the plate. He improved from 21 walks in 2016 to 36 in the previous year. If he keeps up this patience improvement, he’ll force even more walks and walks as you know are points on the board. Should be a very good investment this year to pick him up

4. Robinson Cano- Seattle Mariners


2017: .280/.338/.453 23 HR 97 RBIs 79 R

The new arrival of Dee Gordon is going to greatly improve the stats of Cano. This should be a slight improvement for his usual consistency over the years of his career. The only scary stat Cano has is that he is going to be 35 this season, however he has aged very gracefully and my prediction is that he’ll continue to do so.

3. Brian Dozier- Minnesota Twins

2017: .271/.359/.498 34 HR 93 RBIs 106 R

Last year was the year where everyone finally knew who Brian Dozier was. From getting a monster solo homer in the Wild Card that came from having a stat line like this, all eyes will be on Dozier to see if he can do it all again. What’s weird is that some of his stats actually dropped off from 2016 so if they drop off again he’d still be one solid draft pick. Not only that but he has great speed which comes in handy for stealing bags. Dozier is going to have another fantastic year and he’ll make your lineup look untouchable

2. Daniel Murphy- Washington Nationals

2017: .322/.384/.543 23 HR 93 RBIs 94 R

What puts these final two at 1 and 2 is simply because they can have fantastic numbers but at the same time have an outstanding batting average. Daniel Murphy didn’t get this hot until the twilight of his prime. Now at age 32, Murphy is primed for another outstanding year. However his only downside is that he may not be ready for Opening Day since he is rehabbing from multiple surgeries. It may be a risk, but given his approach to the plate, he’s always a tough out regardless. Once he’s 100%, you gotta put him in. Even if you drafted him and you’re worried about his injury history, you can use him as a pawn in a trade and that’s always a good thing to have on your team.

1. Jose Altuve- Houston Astros


2017: .346/.410/.547 24 HR 81 RBIs 112 R

I mean honestly who did you think #1 was? Out of all the positions, this is the easiest choice for #1 and this doesn’t take much more than a casual observation. He is truly Captain Consistency. He steals consistently, he hits consistently, and hitting second with George Springer on base helps his RBI and run totals as well. There are literally no negative aspects of his game, don’t be surprised if he goes first off your draft board. And it’s gonna be a game changer for anyone who picks him up.

And that’s a wrap for second basemen, tune into the blog tomorrow where I count down the top 10 shortstops of this season. Can’t wait to dig in with you guys! Follow me on Twitter @ufblogg_lijoi





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