Sports Journies 2: March Madness 2017

The day was March 17th 2017, St. Patrick’s Day as a matter of fact. And on that day, I traveled up to beautiful Greenville, SC to visit one of my best friends to go and experience something that him and I have never experienced before. I’m not usually a basketball fan but when this time of year rolls around, I always get excited. I don’t care if my bracket is a total bust, I don’t care if I pick a team just because I know absolutely nothing about them. Because this is a time where you can make that move and there is a good chance it will pay off. This is the time where analytics and stats won’t prove a damn.

This, is March Madness time baby!

And last year, I got to see it live, and I’ll never forget the experience. We sat in one of the higher sections. Funny how I said I’d never forget because I already forgot where we sat but here is a good picture of where we were seated at Bon Secours Wellness Arena:

IMG_0699[1] I apologize in advance for the blurriness as this photo was taken on an IPhone 6 but still I personally think it was a great seat for only 70$ I believe. I know I say only 70$ but I thought it was going to be a lot more. The arena is located near downtown Greenville, which was a pretty wild place at this time with live music and all kinds of events. Actually I think they were doing something for St. Patty’s day but I can’t remember for the life of me what it was. The arena is your average arena. A little dirty but nothing too special, basically it does it’s job in hosting it’s event and nothing more, nothing less. Not to say it’s a bad arena of course but it was a nice place to visit.

Either way, the schedule had it that we were going to watch 2 Round of 64 games that evening. The first one being Duke vs Troy and the second one was the very beginning of South Carolina’s Final Four run where they beat Marquette.

The first game wasn’t too entertaining mostly because it was dominated by the Blue Devils but I remember Jayson Tatum blocked the snot out of a Troy player and it basically described the game at halftime, straight up domination. There were plenty of Dukies hooting and hollering as well. I personally don’t care for Duke mostly because I’m a big Florida State fan but I can appreciate the amount of fans that came from Durham and around the world to watch a freebie. The final score was 87-65 in favor of Duke and I did get a swell picture of the band:

IMG_0705[1] I didn’t get many pictures of the next game, mostly because it was so very fun to watch I just got so involved in it. My buddy is a huge Clemson fan, so naturally, because I had nothing against Clemson, I decided to put on some Clemson garb, obviously to troll the Gamecocks, or the cocks, or the chickens or whatever. Strangely enough, we didn’t get much stick from South Carolina fans. They were generally a happy bunch around us before and especially after the game. The Cocks won this one 93-73 thanks to a strong second half performance spearheaded by Sindarius Thornwell and P.J Dozier. You should have seen that long shade of red around us going wild every time the Cocks got a bucket, it was a sight to behold.

At the end of the day, I was happy I got to have this experience and I’m looking forward to possibly do this again sometime!

If you’d like to read my first Sports Journey and my various posts, be sure to catch them on Twitter @ufblogg_lijoi and on Facebook at: Ultimatefanaticsblog. Keep your eyes peeled for my East region predictions and be sure to catch Selection Sunday tonight at 6 as this beautiful sporting event is about to begin!


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