Top 10 3B for the 2018 MLB Season

Ah one of my favorite positions, mostly because my favorite player as of now plays there, the almighty hot corner! A very important defensive position, these guys can either make or break a game with their top notch defense. But these 10 are known for more than just defense, they can produce fantasy points as well. Here are the top 10 Third Basemen for this upcoming season!

Tomorrow I’m going to take a short break from baseball and release a late night post predicting the East and possibly South region for the March Madness bracket. Should be exciting times near and far ahead.

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10. Travis Shaw- Milwaukee Brewers

2017: .273/.349/.513 31 HR 101 RBIs 84 R

Shaw had a tremendous year last year that was out of the ordinary for a player of his caliber. Shaw’s home stadium, Miller Park, is also friendly to hitters which obviously helps him for half of the year. Brewers players this season in general are good pickups from Braun to Yelich but Shaw is equally valuable if not more. Last year, he was ranked in the top 10 in HR and RBIs in the National League. Given that he’ll probably hit 4th behind guys like Braun and possibly Yelich, Shaw might match or increase his stats from last year.

9. Miguel Sano- Minnesota Twins

2017: .264/.352/.507 28 HR 77 RBIs 75 R

Sano does have a high volume of strikeouts which is always something that needs to be pointed out. Not only does he strikeout a lot but he also can draw plenty of walks as well. He’s not much of a contact guy but when he does make contact, it’s usually out of the park. Kind of like an Aaron Judge with a lower batting average and a lower amount of walks, Sano is still a solid pick because when he hits it, he hits it hard. And hits it hard constantly as well.

8. Anthony Rendon- Washington Nationals


2017: .301/.403/.533 25 HR 100 RBIs 81 R

On the day of April 30th 2017, Anthony Rendon had the game of his life. Hitting 3 home runs and accumulating 10 RBIs against the Mets jump started to the place he is today in his career. He set personal bests in batting average, home runs and RBIs. Even if he doesn’t have a career year this year, he’s still entering his prime and Dave Martinez is planning to put him in a more prominent role in the batting order. You can’t go wrong with Rendon and at the worst he could slip to round 3 or 4 so don’t pass him up.

7. Josh Donaldson- Toronto Blue Jays

2017: .270/.385/.559 33 HR 78 RBIs 65 R

Donaldson was on the DL for 38 games with multiple calf problems and still but up impressive power numbers from his 2015 MVP season but hasn’t been exactly the same since then. The average needs to improve and as that improves so will the runs and possibly the home run numbers. Just because he hasn’t been god-like like others on this list doesn’t mean you pass him up. If healthy, he should perform well in a two team competition for the AL East.

6. Justin Turner- Los Angeles Dodgers


2017: .322/.415/.530 21 HR 71 RBIs 72 R

Like a fine wine, with the sexiest stroke in all the MLB, it seems like Justin Turner just gets better with age. He has had consistently great seasons ever since joining the Dodgers from the Mets in 2015. And just last year, he finished 3rd in the NL in batting average. There isn’t really much else to explain here and you’ve probably just heard of Turner approximately 5 seconds ago. Yes those stats are real. Yes he’s going to play consistently for the Los Angeles Dodgers and yes, believe in the beard and draft this stud!

5. Kris Bryant- Chicago Cubs


2017: .295/.409/.537 29 HR 73 RBIs 111 R

I think I can say that I’m one of the few people that can say that KB did not have a down year. Coming off his 2016 MVP season, this past year was a downgrade but still very solid numbers. Bryant has been working more on his contact in the offseason and especially last year. Bryant seemed to improve on average over the number of home runs he had. Which means he could have a .300 and 30 HR season this year. That and he can field fireballs:

4. Jose Ramirez- Cleveland Indians

2017: .318/.374/.583 29 HR 83 RBIs 107 R

An excellent contact hitter, Jose Ramirez had become a catalyst for the strong offensive attack of the Cleveland Indians. That and there is literally 0 risk with drafting this player. He’d dependable on getting a high batting average and scoring hits and runs. Ramirez is incredibly versatile in defense as he could start on second base depending on the health of Jason Kipnis.

3. Manny Machado- Baltimore Orioles

2017: .259/.310/.471 33 HR 95 RBIs 81 R

Despite an awful first half of the season, Machado came roaring back in the second half. Manny is going to have a career year this year as I am predicting a 40 HR and .280+ average. He is planning to move from third to shortstop and it is not hurting his offense at all. This is the last year before he can become a free agent and he’ll be a hot commodity along with Bryce Harper. Machado is due to impress to anyone in desperate need for a shortstop, Arizona Diamondbacks you better get ready to bid.

2. Alex Bregman- Houston Astros

2017: .284/.352/.457 19 HR 71 RBIs 88 R

My nominee for breakout player of the season probably has one of the best positive attitudes in the MLB. He is a man that goes into every game with the supreme confidence that he can make a difference and become the best third basemen on the field. Now I’m not saying you should draft a player based on his outlook, but with his numbers, it’s good to have a player that is forward-thinking in his approach. That and he is on the stacked Houston Astros. Bregman is the steal of the draft and by drafting him, you’ll put your whole league on notice.

1. Nolan Arenado- Colorado Rockies


2017: .309/.373/.586 37 HR 130 RBIs 100 R

Here he is, the Bogeyman, every pitchers worst nightmare, the clobberer of Colorado, whoever you want to call him, there is no denying one simple fact. Nolan Arenado is one of a kind. Remember what I said earlier about attitude. Nolan embodies a powerful winners attitude that is one of the driving forces of the recent successes for the Colorado Rockies.  Not only thatbut he has elite power and elite contact capabilities which makes him extremely dangerous. His numbers are scary good to say the least and I wouldn’t be surprised if he’s picked within your top 5.


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      1. Secretly love the Cubs as well. Their story in 2016 was amazing and IF I were to ever root for another squad, I’ve got no problem with Chicago.


      2. I appreciate that man I’m praying for a 4th straight trip to the NLCS and a great year for Darvish but who knows, are you hyped for March Madness? Over the week I’ll update my sports journey over the time I saw it live last year!

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