Predicting the National Champion

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After going through a mass amount of numbers and second guessing myself as I go along, I have finally settled upon a Final Four. Last year, I only had one Final Four pick correct and that was Oregon. I don’t remember my other 3 picks and well there’s a reason for that too. This year, I feel that I am more confident in my Final Four picks this year. In case you haven’t read my first 4 region picks, I suggest you check them out, but here is my Final Four:

South (Virginia) vs West (North Carolina)

East (Villanova) vs Midwest (Michigan State)

And here is the first matchup:

This matchup pits firepower against firepower. It is extreme offense vs extreme defense and matchups like this can never go wrong. The result of this game depends on Virginia’s offense. Will they do enough with how good their defense is? Will their defense limit North Carolina? There are many different factors that come into play but I believe the most important one is crashing the glass. The Tar Heels rely on their ability to get second chance points and I believe that ability is what carries them to this point. But will they take down Virginia? The answer is no, I take Virginia over the Tar Heels in a close one.

And on the other side of the bracket:

This one could get interesting! Both teams have star players in Jalen Brunson for Villanova and Miles Bridges for Michigan State. Both of these players could make or break the game for their respective sides. Villanova also has a very efficient offense along with the Spartans but the Spartans have a more balanced attack due to their stronger defense. I have to be honest with you guys and girls, this game is going to come down to sheer increments. It will come down to rebounds and whoever can shoot better. If Michigan State can guard the perimeter and guard it effectively, I give Sparty the edge on this one.

Now onto the Big Game:

Michigan State has been a thorn in the side for Virginia in recent history. But the past is done and both of these teams are different from the ones in recent history. This game comes down to one thing and that is turnovers. Virginia is solid at forcing opponents into turnovers while rarely turning the ball over themselves. This game eventually comes down to if Virginia can score enough points to keep up with Sparty, and can they in turn, hold them off. Should be a great National Championship and I think Virginia, motivated by past failures, will take the National Championship

NATIONAL CHAMPION: Virginia Cavaliers


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