Predicting the West Region

Here it is the final region in this glorious tournament and one of the more interesting ones in my opinion. What makes it interesting is that there are some teams who could be higher seeds and some of the lower seeded teams could make this region really exciting. One of those being Michigan, arguably the hottest team coming into March. Them, Gonzaga and UNC are popular picks, but will either of those be my pick? Read on to find out!

Do yourself a solid and follow me on Twitter @ufblogg_lijoi or on Facebook: Ultimatefanaticsblog. Be sure to stick around either tonight or tomorrow as I predict who will win the national championship. Now since the Fist Four starts tonight, lets move onward through the West.

1. Xavier vs 16 NCCU/TXSO

I mean Xavier will overpower either of these teams and this also includes a first four matchup that isn’t worth mentioning so I got Xavier

8. Missouri vs 9 Florida State

I mean I’m biased I’m an FSU fan. I say if we dominate the paint and at least attempt to play defense, then that should be just enough for the victory here. FSU by at least 5.

5 Ohio State vs 12 South Dakota State

Now this is where it gets fun. South Dakota is in for the 3rd year in a row and they have a solid shooting percentage. this game is dependent on the perimeter defense of Ohio Sate and I think it’s upset central. I have a lot of confidence in this one as the Jackrabbits should run with this one.

4. Gonzaga vs 13 UNC Greensboro

Don’t underestimate UNC Greensboro they have upset potential as well but this is a bad matchup for them. They will test Gonzaga but I think Gonzaga is too good on defense and I say the Bulldogs will carry on

6. Houston vs 11 San Diego State

Houston has done great in non-conference play and has proven that they could compete with anybody. San Diego State has been improving on defense but the question lingers if they can stop this high powered offense. I think Houston proves themselves against the selection committee as they take the win.

3. Michigan vs 14 Montana

Michigan as I mentioned is the hottest team coming into the tournament. That’s not a good thing for Montana who is a relatively new team to the Big Dance. Expect the best 3 seed in the tournament to roll on by

7. Texas A&M vs 10 Providence 

Providence might be on an extreme confidence high coming off a strong conference tournament performance. A&M has been too inconsistent for me this year so I have a lot of confidence in Providence due to their recent performances.

2. North Carolina vs 15 Lipscomb

Congratulations to Lipscomb for making their 1st appearance in the tournament this year. Too bad they are matching up vs an offensive firepower in UNC. I’m taking the Heels here.

Round of 32:

1. Xavier vs 9 Florida State

FSU has a chance to get revenge on Xavier from getting beat last year in this same round. As much as my heart wants my Seminoles, it’s just not going to happen. Our defense is too inconsistent and Xavier is too strong I have Xavier winning.

4. Gonzaga vs 12 South Dakota State

This game is set to be an offensive shootout. Both teams can make buckets at a quick pace but the pace of the Jackrabbits is a little bit faster. Gonzaga will slow them down but this one will come down to the wire and I pick the UPSET! By miraculous buzzer beater I see the Jackrabbits making the Sweet 16. I know it’s crazy but it just might happen!

3. Michigan vs 6 Houston

Possibly the most exciting matchup in the tournament, if you picked Michigan to go far, prepare to be disappointed. Houston will pull of the miracle here vs a tough Michigan team. Expect plenty of lead changes one after the other. This Houston team is going to barely squeak this sucker out.

2. North Carolina vs 10 Providence

Providence can hang with anybody but the ability of the Tar Heels to get second chance points will be the difference maker as they overcome the Friars.

Sweet 16:

1. Xavier vs 12 South Dakota State

The road ends here for the Jackrabbits. They get off to a good start but the consistent offense of the Musketeers will carry the day and pull them to the Elite 8.

2. North Carolina vs 6 Houston 

The best Houston team since the 80s will fall to one of the better offensive teams in the nation. The guard play of the Tar Heels will overcome the perimeter defense as the Heels will come away victorious over a tough Houston team.

Elite 8:

1. Xavier vs 2 North Carolina

The weakest 1 seed vs the strongest 2 seed in a battle of wills for the Region. Xavier enters in red hot and the Tar Heels are very balanced. These two teams are very even and this one will come down to the last several minutes. In this one, I’m taking North Carolina by a very slim margin. Who survives your West? Who’s in your Final Four?



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