So… The First day is Over

And had probably the worst opening day in all my years of doing brackets. Out of the 16 games yesterday, I miffed on 7 of them which means I barely got over 50%. Not only that but Stephen F Austin and South Dakota State and Arizona were both in my Sweet 16 which means the best I can do is have 13 out of 16 teams make it which kinda sucks. So, since I plan to do the best outfielder on Monday, I’m going to go through game by game to see how I did and I’ll do the best analysis I can. In case you haven’t noticed, I’m no basketball whiz but screw it here we go!

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10 Oklahoma 78  vs 7 Rhode Island 83

Well for casual observers, the tournament got off to a great start. For my dumb ass who has Rhody in the Sweet 16 t was an absolute heart pounder. Rhody just missed sealing the game in regulation by missing a tip in, but the last 5 minutes of OT ended up sealing the win. Their defense stuck out and the made critical adjustments along the way. A great start to the tournament with a great win.

14 Wright State 47 vs 3 Tennessee 73

Well this was a freebie. The defense of Tennessee was akin to a very tight chokehold in this game. Wright State had a poor offense that looked uncomfortable throughout and it ended up costing them as Tennessee cruises to the next round.

13 UNCG 64 vs 4 Gonzaga 68

Wow! Ok Wow! This game was a scare to those that had Gonzaga in their Final Four as the lead switched hands so many times it was a really suspenseful game. My bracket was perfect at the time but part of me wanted Gonzaga to lose this one but clutch free throws pulled it out in the end.

16 Penn 60 vs 1 Kansas 76

The most competitive 16 seed made it interesting until the second half started when Kansas just pulled through.

15 Iona 67 vs Duke 89

A rather simple one for Duke, not much else to report here.

6 Miami 62 vs Loyola- Chicago 64


A lesson for you kids out there, SHOOTERS SHOOT!!!!!!! An amazing game winning three pointer after a missed free throw from Miami carries Loyola to the next round. That shot was just deep enough for the heavily guarded perimeter and it just flew right in. Absolutely beautiful game and a great win for the 11 seed.

12 SDSU 73 vs OSU 81

And after two extreme high, here come the lows. The Jackrabbits fought hard to get to this point and they got as far as tying the game but their poor perimeter defense was taken advantage of by the Buckeyes. Their sheer athleticism ends up carrying the day for them as they move on to a date with battle-tested Gonzaga.

9 NC State 83 vs 8 Seton Hall 94

I mean are you sure this was an 8 vs 9 game? Because the way it played out I thought I was watching a 3 vs 14 matchup. NC State looked awful as Seton Hall had a firm grip on the game throughout.

16 Radford 61 vs 1 Villanova 87

Nova flexes their offensive muscle thrashing Radford easily here, good on Radford for getting a win and making it this far.

12 Davidson 73 vs 5 Kentucky 78

Another close one here. Davidson just couldn’t break through as Kentucky had just enough to hang on from the challenge that Davidson brought. Poor interior defense by Davidson was key for the survival of this Kentucky team.

11. SDSU 65 vs 6 Houston 67


A great game that had Houston up by double digits at halftime, but San Diego State would inch back little by little. Then with back to back clutch threes by both sides, the game was tied at 65. Then this man, Rob Gray, put on a tremendous move around a double team to scoop that sucker into the basket. Simply put a job well done for Houston to hang on as the Aztecs were surging forward.

14 Stephen F Austin 60 vs 3 Texas Tech 70

Well I looked like a genius until the very end of the game. At the end of the day, in order to win the game, you have to make shots. Stephen F Austin couldn’t make a shot to save their lives. They left points at the free throw line and just couldn’t finish. Texas Tech had a huge crowd behind them and that played a part in their surge to victory.

9 Alabama 86 vs 8 Virginia Tech 83

This was a close one that I wish I could have seen more of. A brilliant coaching performance by Avery Johnson and a brilliant job by the supporting cast around Sexton to put in buckets when the Tide needed them most. Extremely close, but the Tide squeak this one out on a date to meet Villanova.

13 Buffalo 89 vs 4 Arizona 68


Damn I was thinking about this upset but I feel like an idiot for not picking it. This wasn’t just an upset, it was a damn spanking. Buffalo had an amazing second half and just straight killed Arizona leading to that final score. I’m hoping at least my viewers weren’t too high on the Wildcats. CBS though reports this:

92.5% of brackets had Buffalo beating Arizona

60.5% had Arizona in the Sweet 16 like I did.

22.4% had Arizona in the Elite 8

18.1% had them in the Final Four

11.1% had them in the National Championship and

4.2% had them winning it all

I can hear the shredders working in Bristol, Connecticut for sure!

14 Montana 47 vs 3 Michigan 61

Michigan started off behind as Montana had a strong start but Michigan showed their strength by pulling ahead.

11 St. Bonaventure vs 6 Florida

The Gators got ahead and stayed ahead making this game rather uneventful.


It was a fun first day! Let’s hope the second day can be just as good if not better!



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