After Day 2

I believe it has now been confirmed that I’ll need a second chance bracket when the Sweet 16 starts. This sucker is so busted I don’t know where to begin. But besides the loss of my Champion, this past day went better than the opening day so here goes.

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10 Providence 69 vs Texas A&M 73

This game could have gone either way but the Aggies had the advantage throughout and they pulled this one out.

15 Cal State Fullerton 48 vs 2 Purdue 74

If I picked Purdue in the Final Four, I’d be slightly worried. Purdue had a rough start and when the game was nearing it’s end, one of the big men fractured his elbow and was declared to be out of the tournament. It’s never good to lose one of the guys guarding the paint so Purdue is going to be shorthanded.

13 Marshall 81 vs 4 Wichita State 75


Another good upset here as clutch shots and 27 points from Jon Elmore carried the day for Marshall. Once they got hot, they got hot and made shots when they needed them. It was enough to beat the Shockers. A close game that only had one winner.

15 Georgia State 53 vs Cincinnati 68

Early on Georgia State had the lead and was looking really good until Cincinnati caught their stride and ended that run real quick. The Bearcats have to keep in mind not making that type of start again if they want to continue on.

15 Lipscomb 66 vs North Carolina 84

Good on Lipscomb for going out on a great start but UNC shined through making it look easy down the stretch.

10 Butler 79 vs 7 Arkansas 62

Gee whiz within the 1st half this one was over. Clearly the selection committee messed up the seeding for Butler because they did not play like a 10 seed. Taking an early 16 point lead gave Butler a firm grip o the rest of the game, a dominant and quality win.

12 Murray State 68 vs 5 West Virginia 85

Another seemingly boring game where the bast team proved to be on top with relatively no competition. WVA wins easily with stubborn defense.

10 Texas 83 vs 7 Nevada 87

Wow what a incredible comeback from Nevada to pull away with the win. Key turnovers became an issue for Texas in the dying moments of the game. Overtime was forced and it allowed Nevada to finish the job.

9 Kansas State 69 vs 8 Creighton 59

Kansas State played spectacular defense stopping an offensively dominant Creighton team dead in it’s tracks. Making it look easy as they move on to face yes, UMBC.

14. Bucknell 78 vs 3 Michigan State 82

Don’t let the scoreline fool you here. Sparty had the game in hand for well the majority of the game and lets be honest. Bucknell is pretty good for it’s seed just wasn’t a good matchup for them.

16. Texas Southern 83 vs 1 Xavier 102

Good on a Texas Southern team putting up 83 points on a 1 seed. The only problem is that 1 seed dropped 102.

13 College of Charleston 58 vs 4 Auburn 62


Despite controversial calls, such as the incident with Bryce Brown, at the end of the day, just like Marshall, Auburn made the clutch shots when they absolutely needed to and that is how they narrowly dodged the upset here. Tough luck for College of Charleston since I was rooting for them to pull of the upset but Auburn pulling through late was what sealed the deal.

11 Syracuse 57 vs 6 TCU 52

Syracuse just seemed to be one step ahead of the game coming into it. Doing whatever it took to stay inches ahead and it paid off in the long run. Syracuse moving onto the next round (as if that’s a surprise anymore).

12 New Mexico State 68 vs 5 Clemson 79

This was a popular upset pick for good reason. But at the end of the first half, Clemson put those talks to bed real soon. With a growing lead after a dominant first half, Clemson looked really solid and they should be better than the Auburn team they are about to face.

9 Florida State 67 vs 8 Missouri 54

Honestly as an FSU fan, I wasn’t expecting this kind of dominant performance. You can’t blame all of Missouri’s struggles on Michael Porter Jr as they were poor all around. FSU showed their athleticism as they zigged and zagged their way to victory. It’ll be a rematch of last year vs Xavier. Let’s hope for a different result this time around.

Round of 32 for the rest of the weekend should be entertaining. Hopefully you’re as excited as I am!




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