The Theory of Divine Intervention

I legitimately feel sorry for anyone who didn’t see the ending to this glorious game live. Let’s set the scene real quick.

Abdur- Rahkman misses an easy open layup that could have tied this game at 63. Devin Davis picks up the rebound and is fouled immediately with 3.6 seconds left. Now Davis made two free throws beforehand and made the game 63-61. Now he has the chance to give the team a 4 point lead. Now is his chance to be a hero, now is his chance to send his team to it’s first Sweet 16 since the Phi Slama Jamma days.

And he misses both of them. giving Michigan a chance off the inbound.

“C’MON MAN!!!!!!”

Michigan gets the ball to Jordan Poole on the right hast and he has to lob it up. Now this shot is a good 10 feet away from the 3 point line on the right side of the court meaning he has to shoot it at an angle. Let’s account for the fact that he has maybe a second to look and line up his shot and he has two hands in his face. This right here is the shot:

Could you make this shot? For me this is a sure airball
And somehow, someway it magically goes in. But how?!?!?! Does God hate Houston and love Michigan? What could explain this?

Two missed free throws is a start but you gotta look beforehand as I think without this play, Houston cruises to the Sweet 16.

With about 5-7 minutes left in the game, Houston is up 51-46. Then something crazy happens. Michigan gets a 5 point play where not only do they make the 3 pointer, but Wes VanBeck commits a foul under the basket. This leads to 2 made free throws and the game is tied at 51. Without this stroke of luck, I don’t see Michigan winning this game.


That is one way to explain how the game got to this point, but what about the shot. Was it a great pass? No. Did Poole do a good job of getting open? Sort of. Was there poor defense? Absolutely not that is the best way you could defend such a miraculous shot.

There is no way of explaining this but what we know is that Michigan is moving on. You could say that Houston did everything right, that they earned their bid. But divine intervention and two misses free throws aren’t going to go your way. Another great game here and a win for Michigan as they move on to play either North Carolina or Texas A&M in the second weekend.


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