Coming Soon on the Blog!

Coming into April, I feel like it is necessary to provide an update on the content that is about to be posted to the blog. If you enjoy reading my content, don’t be afraid to provide some feedback to me whether it would be positive or negative. I’m still learning the niches of the internet since to be fair, this is my very first website, think of me as a parent with their first child. Mistakes will be made but at the end of the day, everything is gonna be great. So spread this blog to your friends as well and not only follow me on WordPress but follow me on Twitter @ufblogg_lijoi and on Facebook: Ultimatefanaticsblog for all the latest posts. I appreciate every single one of you viewers as you’re eyes are the reason I post daily.

Since the Sweet 16 is this week, I will be releasing my predictions sometime before Thursday. Contrary to popular belief, Florida State will not be my champion but if that does happen, I don’t know what I’d do with myself.

Baseball posts are also on the Horizon as I have Divisional previews on tap but before that, I still have my Top 10 Outfielders and my Top 20 Pitchers that will be separated into 4 parts with 5 pitchers featured in each post. After the start of the season, I will do biweekly power rankings to check in on each team. Lastly, sometime around Opening Week, there will be a World Series Prediction post that will be released.

A fair warning coming into next week is that there is a good chance I won’t post during Easter Weekend because, well it’s Easter. After baseball, I’ll be fully invested into soccer including a Premier League roundup and I might do a soccer post heading into the second leg of the Round of 8 for the Champions League. Sometime during May, I will also release my World Cup predictions and reactions alike.

Lastly, during the baseball season or maybe beforehand, I’m gonna do something that isn’t sports related that will let you guys get to know me a little bit better. Periodically, I will post my Top 10 favorite movies of all time on this blog. Movies are another thing that I enjoy expressing my opinion about and I’d love to share said opinion with you guys. Of course since I’ll be diving deep into these movies, there is a *SPOILER ALERT*

Hopefully you guys are up to speed on what’s next for the blog and I hope you all have a pleasant evening!


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