Top 10 OF for the 2018 Season

It’s back to baseball for a short while here as I will introduce my top 10 outfielders for the upcoming season. I’ll have to mention that all 10 of these outfielders are worth buying and I was tempted to do 20 since you could have up to 5 outfielders in your squad but I felt like pitchers would be most likely for a top 20 since there are way more pitchers than outfielders. So now lets get into the list:

10 Byron Buxton- Minnesota Twins

2017: .253/.314/.413 16 HR 51 RBIs 69 R

If you want a candidate for breakout player of the year, than look no further. Buxton is set out to prove this year that he is not only great at defense but he can swing the bat too. Buxton has adjusted his batting stance in the offseason and he will look to build off of a strong line he put up in the second half of the season. Him and the Twins squad look strong and are projected to do better than last year, throw Buxton in the mix and you’ll thank me later. Oh and he can steal bags as well.

9 Andrew McCutchen- San Francisco Giants

2017: .279/.363/.486 28 HR 88 RBIs 94 R

Alright since now you’ve seen my breakout candidate of the year, it’s only fair to show you my comeback player of the year candidate. Sure AT&T Park is a pitchers park so the home run totals might decrease. But since he is around newer and arguably better surroundings, expect his numbers to be better and more consistent. People underestimate what a new city can do for a player. I think San Francisco will have a positive effect and Cutch and I believe it will positively impact his performance on the field. Expect the stats to hike up.

8 Christain Yelich- Milwaukee Brewers

2017: .282/.369/.439 18 HR 81 RBIs 100 R

Here’s my honest opinion here, there are a lot of good outfielders and I think I might have Yelich too high up on the list. In my opinion, he could be a top 5 outfielder and if you’re lucky enough to catch wind of him still being available then you need to get him quick. Yelich is in a great park in terms of left handed hitting in Miller Park and he’s great at getting hard contact. Expect him to have massive gains this year as this trade will only benefit his production.

7 Giancarlo Stanton- New York Yankees

2017: .281/.376/.631 59 HR 132 RBIs 123 R

Stanton is in a homer friendly ballpark with a talented roster that can provide RB/is and runs and he’s adjusted his hitting stance to prove that he is a scary monster at the plate. So why do I have him at 6th instead of possibly 2nd or 3rd? Strikeouts and injuries. Stanton’s injury history scares me in the long run and throughout his career, he has been strikeout prone. It’s not like Aaron Judge last year when he can fore the walk as well. Get Stanton for his monstrous stats that will be very hard to repeat. I’d love for you to tell me that I was wrong at the end of the year if he stays healthy and slays. You just might be able to do that but I doubt it.

6. George Springer- Houston Astros


2017: .283/.367/.522 34 HR 85 RBIs 112 R

The World Series MVP is due to improve off of his career numbers last year. He played 22 games less than he did in 2016 and if he stays healthy, look for him to capitalize. Improving on his consistency on making contact last year was what propelled him to have a magical season. With the Astros still stacked from winning the World Series, expect Springer to not only have a hot start, but expect him to keep it going too.

5. Aaron Judge- New York Yankees

2017: .284/.422/.627 52 HR 114 RBIs 128 R

Let’s think for a second what would happen if Aaron Judge does have a sophomore slump. Maybe he strikes out a little less and he’ll hit for about .270 and he’ll have say 30 home runs and 90 RBIs. Would you draft that statline? I think so. Keep in mind he’s at Yankee Stadium and he has the prospect of batting leadoff. With the guys behind him, he’s gonna get more runs and maybe more RBI’s as well. Judge will have a tremendous year, whether it equals his rookie year or not.

4. Mookie Betts- Boston Red Sox

2017: .264/.344/.459 24 HR 102 RBIs 101 R

Consider 2018 to be a rebound year for Mookie Betts after what he would consider to be a disappointing season last year. Betts has the potential to match his 2016 season and it wouldn’t surprise me a bit if he bats well over .300. Due to his great contact ability, there’s no doubt that he can and will improve and with the addition of J.D Martinez, his prospects will only improve.

3. Bryce Harper- Washington Nationals


2017: .319/.413/.595 29 HR 87 RBIs 95 R

A weakened NL East improves on the prospect of Harper’s numbers in the upcoming season. His home run stats should improve but when you’re drafting a player, I strongly urge you not to look too hard at home runs. Because one can look at the fact that Harper had 29 home runs and think that’s bad for a player his caliber. It’s really not, look at the average, look at the runs those are all points especially the average a .319 is sensational! He is approaching his prime at the age of 25 and if he stays healthy, he should be killing the game at a ruthless pace heading into his free agency year.

2. Charlie Blackmon- Colorado Rockies

2017: .331/.399/.601 37 HR 104 RBIs 137 R

His 2017 is massive and giving the team that is batting behind him, his numbers should either stay the same or they could even improve. Blackmon has worked on his hitting skills in the offseason and if he continues to rake, he should be a force to reckon with on your fantasy squad. Given his division over Harper’s division, I understand the reason to put him at 3rd behind Harper, but both guys are draftable and they will produce big this year. Blackmon is on a hungry team that would kill for another prime Rocktober to fasten your seatbelts for this upcoming barrage.

1. Mike Trout- Los Angeles Angels


2017: .306/.442/.629 33 HR 72 RBIs 92 R

This guy will probably go first off the board in your draft so you’ll have to get lucky but I don’t think you need much of an explanation as to why he is #1 on the list. His stats and consistency are a validation plus he is 26, about to enter his prime. So he’s gonna get better, on a team that is trying to build around him and head towards the playoffs. Yeah if you’re fortunate enough to get the first pick in your league then get this man right now.



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