Did We Just Beat Gonzaga?

I honestly wish that I had an explanation for this I really do but I don’t. Here is the final score you tell me what you think:

A 15 point victory! WHAT?!?!?

Trust me I saw the entire game and the same game as everybody else did but analyzing this might be a little bit challenging. It’s hard to fathom taking out a really good team that got most of their players back from last years team that lost to UNC in the championship.

One of their best players, Killian Tille, sadly did not play in the game due to a hip pointer injury and one of their better players, Johnathan Williams, was caught in foul trouble.

The casual observer like myself can say that we are sticking to a formula:

1. Get their best player into foul trouble

2. Get transition baskets

3. Force turnovers and play great defense

And lastly:

4. Get the deep rotation going and flowing

Those 4 steps helped propel us to the win vs Xavier and now it helps us beat Gonzaga. Rushing their offensive possessions and shooting better than them percentage wise works too.

After the 41-32 lead after the first half, we kept the mood going and eliminated any chance of a Gonzaga comeback.

This is our first Elite 8 since the 92-93 season and if we beat Michigan tomorrow (which in my opinion is our toughest challenge yet) then we will make our first Final Four since the 72-73 season. For anyone that remembers that season, we lost in the Championship to John Wooden’s UCLA.

It’s extremely hard not to look forward to what could be possible. Hopefully, fingers crossed, we can play the same way we did last night I mean what a game!

Even if you’re not a Noles fan it’s hard not to cheer, so bring on Michigan!!!!!


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