Final Four At A Glance

Even though sadly my Florida State Seminoles did not make it to the Final Four, I would personally like to congratulate the Michigan Wolverines for beating us and making it into the Final Four. Michigan earned that spot and I wish them the best of luck throughout the rest of the tournament.

With that being said, let’s look at all of the teams left, their paths to the Final Four, and how they can eventually win the championship:

11 Loyola-Chicago


To get to this point, this magical team has done wonderful things in this tournament to say the least. In their first game of the tournament, they defeated Miami 64-62 due to a last second 3 pointer, they defeated Tennessee 63-62 due to a closing, rim-bouncing-heart-stopping shot from inside the three point line. One of the better shots you would see go in propelled them to the Sweet 16

After that, they defeated Nevada, another miracle team, by way of a game sealing 3, the final score being 69-68. Battle tested from all the close encounters, they faced a confident Kansas State team coming off their win vs Kentucky. The Ramblers smack around K-State 78-62 sealing their place in the Final Four.

How can the Ramblers win it all?

This will take more than the blessing of Sister Jean for the Ramblers. It will take what they have done right so far to keep them going into the Championship. If they rely on their ability to draw defenders and open the floor for their better players, the Ramblers will have a very strong chance. If they can shoot consistently like they have been, the Ramblers will have an even better chance. If they stick to their gameplan, and keep having that stroke of luck every now and then, I don’t see why they cannot win it all. However Michigan, Villanova, and Kansas all have NBA talent on their roster and will easily become the toughest test yet for the Ramblers. But if they’re ready, they’re gonna win it all.

3 Michigan


The Michigan Wolverines, just like the Ramblers, have had a tough and glorious run to the Final Four. Michigan had the slowest start of the bunch, at first they were down by double digits to Montana but then came back and won 61-47. After that game, a miracle happened. Within the dying seconds, Jordan Poole pulled up an incredible game winning 3 to get the Wolverines past Houston 64-63.

In the Sweet 16, the Wolverines really found their shooting grove vs Texas A&M to a score of 99-72, a very dominant win. Then they defeated Florida State in a defensive struggle with the final score being 58-54

How can the Wolverines win it all?

Simply put, defense and consistency. They’re defense did a good job contesting almost all of the shots FSU put up (granted the Seminoles kept trying to drive it into the paint every possession) but I digress. The Wolverines have been a flashy team so far this tournament, meaning you’ll see the best and the worst of them. We’ve seen the best of their offense when they played Texas A&M and the worst of their offense when they played Florida State. Likewise we have seen their best defense played against Florida State and their worst defense played against Houston. Despite their victories, the Wolverines have been inconsistent. If they’re offense and defense can put it together, they are as unstoppable as anybody.

1 Villanova


To be fair, I’d like to think that Villanova has had the easiest ride to the Final Four and that isn’t entirely their fault. Let’s start off with Radford, which was a cakewalk with the score being 87-61. After beating Radford they went to take on Alabama. It was raining 3’s as they handle Alabama easily 81-58.

Moving onward to the Sweet 16, Villanova faces a tough defensive challenge in the form of West Virginia. But once again, the 3’s prevailed over the pressure from the Mountaineers as the Wildcats rolled on 90-78. In the Elite 8, they faced a resillient Texas Tech team. The Wildcats stayed ahead for the majority of the game due to their defense and won it 71-59 on their way to the Final Four

How can the Wildcats win it all?

Honestly I understand that the reason why Villanova can win it all is similar to the Ramblers but it really does ring true. The Wildcats cannot change a single thing that they’ve done so far. They have proven that if they’re 3 pointers aren’t falling, their defense can do the job just fine until the offense regains it’s footing. The Wildcats have been the highest standard in basketball so far and they are the favorites to win it all.

1 Kansas



Kansas has had a somewhat difficult road into the Final Four. Up until Duke, they faced rather good teams and kept them contained for the majority of the game. It all started out against Penn where they won 76-60. Afterwards, they encountered a rough, surging Seton Hall team and just held them off 83-79

In the Sweet 16, they went on to face Clemson. After taking a 20 point lead at one point, they played loose and easy, but not too loose and easy winning 80-76. Finally, they faced their toughest challenge of the tournament in the Duke Blue Devils. Thanks to Malik Newman and the cast around him, they managed to scrape through in overtime with the final score being 85-81

How can the Jayhawks win it all?

If they can stay out of foul trouble and keep banging away at the glass. If Kansas keeps all their starters out on the floor and leads the rebound margin, I can see them winning it all. Easy does it right?

So who wins it all?

Villanova, trust me on this one


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