Top 5 Pitchers For The 2018 Season!

It is finally here! The Top 5 Pitchers have been selected and they might be a little bit controversial but you’ll have to read on to find out. Keep in mind that all 5 of these men are bargain buys. If you draft any one of them, I say you’ve found your ace. So let’s get on it here, coming in at #5 we have:

5. Zack Greinke- Arizona Diamondbacks

2017: 17-7 3.20 ERA 215 Ks

2017 was a rebound year and a successful one at that for Zack Greinke. But you should ignore his rebound stats and look at the two advantages that Greinke has. He has worked on his pitch command and it showed last year, and Chase Field is being modified so it isn’t completely a hitter-friendly ballpark like it has been. Chase Field is planning to install a humidor, which is designed to maintain a steady amount of moisture inside the park, making it more friendly for pitchers. Zack now is a really safe bet and one you should look to draft.

4. Chris Sale- Boston Red Sox


2017: 17-8 2.90 ERA 308 K’s

Listen I don’t have to tell you how great Chris Sale is. The numbers back me up as he was ranked 1st in innings pitched and strikeouts for the AL last year. Any pitcher getting over 300 K’s is clearly doing something right and more. Those are a lot of points that fantasy owners racked up in the past year. If he can get a smidge more of run support, I’m predicting a Cy Young award to go with a 20+ win season. You heard it here first.

3. Corey Kluber- Cleveland Indians

2017: 18-4 2.25 ERA 265 K’s

I think I should keep it short and simple as to why you should take Corey Kluber when he is available. There is a good chance at whatever draft position you’re in, that you won’t be able to draft the Top 2 on the list. So let me start out by saying that the Klubot is the reigning AL Cy Young award winner. Kluber also led the league in wins, ERA and WHIP (also known as walks/hits allowed per innings pitched, his number in that category was 0.87). Kluber also never gets injured and is insanely durable go ahead and draft him right now. You have my guarantee since I drafted him last year and he was a big part of my League Championship Team!

2. Clayton Kershaw- Los Angeles Dodgers


2017: 18-4 2.31 ERA 202 K’s

Kershaw has had an amazing 6+ year run with 3 Cy Young awards has been a model of consistency BUT! His back problems and his run of injury the last 2 years make him high risk high reward. He can either carry your team, or get injured come the end of the season. I mean the numbers are insane but durability is the main question and he should challenge for the #1 spot if he stays durable.

1. Max Scherzer- Washington Nationals


2017: 16-6 2.51 ERA 268 K’s

I mean what else can I say or explain. He successfully defended his Cy Young for the previous year, he has won that award 3 times in the last 5 years and he has lead the league in wins and strikeouts for the past 5 years with 89 and 1,320 respectively. Not only that but he is durable and can put in a lot of innings. Personally, I think he is the perfect pick and my #1 pitcher heading into this season.

Opening Day is tomorrow! Get hyped!


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  1. So complicated here in Cincinnati! Today’s Opening Day was cancelled due to rain, and our traditional opening day–next Monday, the day after Easter–will be a parade without a game for only the second time in Red’s history!

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