N.L West Predictions!

The NL West last year was akin to the NL Central in 2015. Not only was there of course a division champion, but the two wild card spots were taken up by NL West teams, those being the Rockies and the Diamondbacks. So now let’s get into the rankings!

1. Los Angeles Dodgers


Additions: Matt Kemp

Departures: Curtis Granderson, Adrian Gonzalez, Brandon Morrow, Brandon Mccarthy

The Dodgers didn’t do much of anything this offseason. But this is a move that makes sense. By shedding some money from the team payroll, they could have enough to not only give Kershaw an extension, but they could have enough to get a big signing in the 18-19 offseason. The Dodgers are simply planning ahead and I don’t see this strategy biting them in the butt too badly. The injury to Justin Turner might signal a slow start, but this team is still very deep and they are very capable of taking this strong division.

2. Arizona Diamndbacks


Additions: Brad Boxberger

Departures: Fernando Rodney, J.D. Martinez

Take it from a Rays fan here, Brad Boxberger is significantly better than Fernando Rodney. The D-Backs have bolstered their back end and look to be a playoff contender heading into the end of the year. The only question is their offense now that they lost J.D. Martinez. I believe they’ll hit less home runs, but with guys like A.J Pollack and Paul Goldschmidt, their offense won’t suffer too badly. The Diamondbacks will challenge the Dodgers for the title and will be very tough to beat come October.

3. Colorado Rockies


Additions: Wade Davis, Bryan Shaw

Departures: Tyler Chatwood, Pat Neshek

Give credit where it’s due as the Rockies bolstered their bullpen by signing World Series Champion Wade Davis. But at the same time, they weakened their bullpen, losing Tyler Chatwood and Pat Neshek in the process. They still have one of the best offenses in the Majors, but will it be enough to carry their poor rotation? Can the new bullpen be able to pull through in desperate times? Those questions will be answered quickly this year.

4 San Francisco Giants


Additions: Evan Longoria, Andrew McCutchen

Departures: Matt More, Denard Span

Spending money on aging veterans is a tough decision to come by. But when you’re the Giants and you lost 90+ games last year, something has to be done. Signing McCutchen and Longoria has made this team significantly better but don’t be too high on them just yet. Bumgarner is injured once again, Cueto is starting to get older and is coming off a crappy year. Let’s not forget Jeff Samardzija, who is just not very good anymore. The pitching is weak and the bullpen can’t vouch for them too much either so this should be an interesting year for the Giants.

5. San Diego Padres


Additions: Eric Hosmer, Chase Headley

Departures: Yanghervis Solarte, Jhoulys Chacin

Well at least the Padres did something by spending big money on Eric Hosmer. Hosmer s a great veteran World Series Champion who would be a good star player amongst a team of prospects. The Padres haven’t done much in a long time and hopefully one of these years, all of their rebuilding can pay off. If they can build around their ace Tyson Ross and Eric Hosmer, then there can be some kind of hope. Until then, they are stuck behind the big boys.





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