Part 2 of #10 Fargo

*I apologize for only publishing half a blog post. Either I messed up or WordPress has a word allotment. Something to keep in mind for the future. Didn’t mean to leave you guys on a cliffhanger!*

So the story continues with Carl reporting back to Gaear. As you can probably tell, Carl is barely hanging on to his life. His face is bleeding out and he comes back very hotheaded screaming that it was time to go. In theory, I believe that Gaear gets nervous here and he’s clearly afraid of getting caught. With that in mind, he decided to take care of Carl, with a swell swing of his axe. Yes, Carl gets an axe to the face.

So now Marge returns to the dealership, and then this scene takes place:

Notice Jerry’s nervousness and anxiousness when he slowly loses control of basically his entire life. This is clear foreshadowing to his fate at the end of the movie.

Of a tip from a bartender earlier in the movie, Marge finds the tan Ciera while casually driving by the hideout. Marge then hears the sounds of a woodchipper. Yes you heard right, a woodchipper. Marge witnesses Gaear shoving bits and pieces of Carl Showalter nto the woodchipper, as blood spews out of the machine. Marge screams at him and tells him to freeze. Naturally, he runs away. Marge ends up subduing him with a shot to the hamstring and carts him off to jail. All of this, for a little bit of money.

The film ends firstly with Jerry being arrested in a motel room in Bismarck wearing his boxers and a shirt. I guess you could say he was caught with his pants down… Funny stuff I know.

Marge’s story ends in the same way it began, resting with Norm in bed. And that, ladies and gentlemen, is Fargo.

Why Should You Recommend Fargo?

Besides the usual great acting and great directing quips, Fargo is just an interesting movie to watch. This movie pulls you in from it’s opening scene of the bleak fog and snow, and gently lets you go as Marge and Norm call it a night. It only feels right that you should just call it a movie. I mostly admire it because it’s something different. It’s not 100% original, but I’d say is pretty close, considering that nowadays every Hollywood movie is mostly a rehash.

Think of it this way, how many movies have you seen where a pregnant lady has actually taken someone down? How many movies have you seen when one of the most interesting characters says only a few words. How many movies have you seen that merely involve a woodchipper? It’s more than just the difference of the movie, but it showed the rest of America what Minnesota is like and how most Northerners react and talk to each other. Surely most of it is stereotyped, but that type of accuracy is something that I can admire when looking at a film.

The plot like I said is involving and interesting enough to hold your attention. Some of it is predictable but the plot still makes watching the events unfold worth watching!

Overall, it may be #10, but Fargo is an extremely strong movie on the list that could have snuck into at least #6. Now that you’ve seen this movie, you gotta see it again!

Rating: 8.9/10


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