National League Final Predictions

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I’m sure that by reading my previous division prediction posts, as I have for the:

NL Central:

NL East:

NL West:

That you could basically determine my playoff bracket

Wild Card: Brewers vs Diamondbacks

Might be a controversial pick here but I believe the Brewers pitching staff and their consistency should be enough to get them past the Rockies. The Brewers need to perform down the stretch, something they didn’t do last year. As for the Diamondbacks, they’ll have a fantastic year coming short of taking the division from the Dodgers once again. As for the game itself, I see the Diamondbacks running away with this one. I see the final score being 7-3.

NLDS: 1 Nationals vs 4 Diamondbacks

Nothing is better than playoff baseball! And this could shape up to be the most exciting series in the entire 2018 playoffs. The Nationals have a potent lineup and at this point, Captain Clutch (Daniel Murphy) will be sure to hit bombs through the course of this series. But will the Nationals rotation behind Max Scherzer and Strasberg hold up? Basically this series comes down to obviously the bullpen and Gio Gonzalez. If Gio can hold down the Diamondbacks offense, it may just be key to the Nationals clawing out alive. I see them taking the first two games, then of course the 3rd game is up in the air. I see the Nationals breaking the curse this year. I am predicting: 3-1 Nationals advance

NLDS: 2 Cubs vs 3 Dodgers

The rematch of the 2016 and 2017 NLCS is going to come early this year. Here, we have two teams that are mostly the same, except the Cubs took two of the better pitchers that the Dodgers had last year, those guys including Brendan Morrow and Yu Darvish. Given their roles on the Cubs squad, they can prove to become major difference-makers throughout the series. Both teams are great on offense, I think at this very moment the Cubs offense is slightly better than the Dodgers. In the end it comes down to the bullpen and the Cubs bolstered bullpen should end up carrying the day here. It will be loud and incredibly close. Expect a Game 5 matchup between Lester and Kershaw that is sure to be a massive pitchers duel that will go down in the history books. The Cubs pull through, barely. 3-2 Cubs advance 

NLCS: 2 Cubs vs 1 Nationals

So at the end of October, who will represent the National League? I know I’ll get hate for this and I’m starting to second guess myself as I type but this year I believe is the Nationals year. It will be a seven game series without a doubt. But I believe the Nationals are slightly better. Now this prediction is highly dependent on a few factors. One big factor is health. Are the star players, like Trea Turner, like Bryce Harper, going to be able to stay healthy. The Cubs recently have all been relatively healthy but things can change near the end of the year. The second factor is efficiency. Will the Cubs bullpen hold up vs the Nationals? Will star pitchers, like Scherzer and Strasburg, put in brilliant performances throughout the series? And finally, I don’t know about you, but I smell a midseason trade. Something tells me that this year, the Nationals might throw all the marbles in before the trade deadline. I see those three factors paying off for the Nationals and beating my Cubs in the NLCS. I mean if they were to lose, I’d rather see them lose in the NLCS than the World Series!


Keep an eye out for my American League and World series Predictions coming soon


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