AL East Predictions!

After my central predictions, it’s time to move onto the AL East. Now this post involves the certain New York Yankees and the certain Boston Red Sox. Now I follow two huge fans of either team and in real life I have plenty of Red Sox and Yankees fans alike. So what I’ll do is I’ll link both blogs into this prediction. Let’s see if they’ll duel it out!

Here’s the Yankee:

And here’s the Red Sox:

Both are great writers who publish very good content and I highly recommend digging into their content!

I also found another blog that covers all MLB news, possibly better than I do. Here is the link to his blog as well. As I said, check him out! If you like my blog, you’ll love his!


Alright now let’s dive into these predictions!

1. Boston Red Sox


Additions: J.D Martinez

Departures: Addison Reed, Doug Fister

Yes this was a close one. Both the Red Sox and the Yankees are great teams. But I think the addition of Martinez is going to be huge for the Sox who needs one more ounce of run support and that’s exactly what they got. Of course losing a setup man to the Twins isn’t fun and J.D Martinez is all they got out of this offseason. Could they be saving up for Machado or Bryce Harper? Maybe even Josh Donaldson? Certainly that’s a question to consider. I think a bolstered offense is motivation for that rotation, a rotation that is wicked strong and can hold their own. We’ll see is David Price can be back to his Rays days this year and we’ll see if Chris Sale can put in another insane year that warrants a Cy Young award. I see the Red Sox taking it again, slightly.

2. New York Yankees


Additions: Giancarlo Stanton

Departures: Starlin Castro, Chase Headley, Michael Pineda

Sure Stanton is a big deal and the Yankees are going to be extremely compelling this year but they lost key role players and a rotation spot. Losing Starlin Castro leaves an open spot to be filled by a possible rookie next to Didi Gregorius, who I think is the Yankees most vital player. Nope not Judge or Stanton, it’s Didi who can make the Yankees a potentially World Series winning team if he can hit and play defense like he has been recently. He is the backbone of the team, kind of like a George Springer. Once he gets going, so does the team. What concerns my about the Yankees are two things: Sonny Gray and strikeouts. Gray has been average since being with the Yankees, posting a 3.70 ERA with a 5-7 record. Not bad, but the season can hinge on his improvement. Lastly, Stanton, Judge and Sanchez all have issues with striking out. Especially Stanton, who recently has been on a ring of strikeouts. Just controlling their strikeout rate and getting more contact can work in their favor. Give them a year to gel and they’ll win the division.

3. Toronto Blue Jays


Additions: Curtis Granderson, Aledmys Diaz, Yanghervis Solarte

Departures: 0

Getting role players like Granderson and Diaz should hold this team in the middle of the pack. They have a good rotation that can perform when it matters, guys like Stroman and a hopefully healthy Aaron Sanchez. Both pitchers can be dominant in their own right and they could save some wins for the Blue Jays in the long run. This could be the last year before the almighty rebuild because there is a high chance Josh Donaldson will leave. That’ll leave breakout star Justin Smoak all alone. Don’t expect much of a pop from this squad, but get ready for either a huge rebuild, or a weak attempt to keep Donaldson. If Donaldson stays, I would be very surprised.

4. Baltimore Orioles



Additions: Who?

Departures: Welington Castillo

This statue can be found at Ed Smith Stadium, the Spring Training home of the Baltimore Orioles in Sarasota, Florida! Pretty sweet huh? Sweet, sounds like the complete opposite of the Orioles this season. Get ready to say goodbye to Machado and hello to the rebuild because at this point it is simply inevitable. Without attempting to improve their squad, might as well call it for the rest of the year. But at least they won’t be as bad as the Rays. Yeahhhhh about the Rays.

5. Tampa Bay Rays


Additions: Denard Span

Departures: Evan Longoria, Brad Boxberger, Steve Cishek

This is the roof of Tropicana Field. Hopefully, since they are building a new stadium in Ybor City, this will be the last time the roof will be seen. The Rays logo does not deserve to see the light of day in my opinion (hehe light hehe ray hehe light humor, I crack myself up.) I personally don’t mind the Trop, it just sucks to be in an empty stadium. If Ybor can bring bodies to the stadium, I don’t care if we go 0-162, at least we can bring bodies in! You know what at one point I thought 0-162 was a possibility. Thankfully we beat the Red Sox once so I guess that’s an accomplishment. This sell off was absolutely meaningless and a slap in the face to all the fans, and YES WE HAVE FANS INCLUDING MYSELF!!!!! We just don’t show up sadly. And now there is no chance we’ll show up because we traded our best player ever for dirt and now we have no setup for Alex Colome. The only thing to get excited about is Kevin Kiermaier and possibly Brent Honeywell. Please for the love of God call that man up. Please! Else we’ll go to Montreal and I’d hate that. I grew up with this team, and to see it slip away because of off season’s like this is simply disheartening. We were close to a Wild Card spot last year! And now we just blow it up?! I guess some things I will never understand.


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