American League Playoff Picks

ALDS: 1 Red Sox vs Wild Card Angels

Here I don’t see much of a fight from the Angels, I think the Angels are going to get smacked around here. And really I see the starting rotation of the Red Sox becoming the stars here. This result could depend on the Angels finding a closer but I see the final end result staying the same. I think Sale, Porcello and Price in that order are enough to put the Angels out in 3 so I have Red Sox in 3


ALDS: 2 Astros vs 3 Indians

Now this is where it gets interesting. Two lineups filed with either All-Stars or future All-Stars, with the Astros lineup being slightly better in that regard. The Astros have a perfect blend of youth (Altuve, Springer, Correa) and experience (Reddick, Gonzalez, Gattis). The Indians have plenty of strength in the forms of Lindor and Ramirez but the losses of Jay Bruce and Carlos Santana, two seasoned veterans, may cause inconsistencies in the lineup. You don’t want inconsistencies to pop up with pitchers like Dallas Keuchel and Justin Verlander. I have the Astros in 4.


ALCS: 1 Red Sox vs 2 Astros

So who will face the (probably) Nationals in the World Series? Let’s start off with the fact that no matter what, this series will be 7 games long. This is essentially a mock Word Series, these teams are extremely good and extremely even as well. Great lineups, great bullpen and great starting rotation, it’s a battle of who can be the most perfect essentially. The Astros and the Red Sox in terms of starting lineup and defense are dead even. Both have excellent infields, especially in the middle infield (Pedey and Bogaerts vs Altuve and Correa) and they’re even in the outfield as well. But the Astros and their bullpen and starting rotation are just slightly better. The bullpen two some of Chris Devenski and Brad Peacock will, in my opinion, end up carrying the day and they will prove especially vital in a crucial game 7. The Astros in 7 to meet the Nationals



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